You can consider the universal laws your “User Manual” for living on planet earth. However, these universal laws govern the entire universe, not just this tiny planet. 

People who want to improve their quality of life succeed by way of “trial and error” until they find their way through. Sadly, the majority of people on earth aren’t even aware that they have a choice. They don’t know that they can take control and make beneficial changes merely by aligning themselves with the universal laws.  

“Every person has free choice. Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.”

—Alfred A. Montapert

This video will explain all of them.

There are laws that govern us outside of the societies we have created. These laws enforce themselves and need no outside assistance to keep us in line. They were in place long before humans ever walked the earth, and they will be in place long after we are gone. Our world and the rest of the universe obeys these laws, without exception. These are the Universal Laws or the Natural Laws of the Universe

We can see these laws in action everywhere we look.  Mastering these laws allow us to do incredible things.   Aviation, for example, is only possible through the ability to harmonize our creation with these universal laws. These laws are so basic and easy to understand, even a child can figure them out.

God’s Divine Laws are Universal

Think of universal law as the handbook for living on planet earth. To understand the principals and apply them in your daily affairs, you will eventually awaken a part of you that will lead you toward very incredible abilities. With this power, you will rise your vibration energies and master life in this human experience.

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1.      Law of Divine Oneness – Everything is connected.

2.      Law of Vibration – Everything Vibrates.

3.      Law of Action – Nothing happens by magic. Action is required for manifestation.

4.      Law of Correspondence – As above so below.

5.      Law of Cause and Effect  – This is also known as the law of Karma.

6.      Law of Compensation – The value of your contributions will be mirrored in blessings.

7.      Law of Attraction – Like attracts like.

8.      Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – Everything is in a constant state of motion.

9.      Law of Gestation – Everything has its own timetable.

10. Law of Relativity – Everything is neutral, everything is relative

11. Law of Polarity – Everything has an opposite

12. Law of Rhythm – Everything moves in a cycle.

13. Law of Belief – Every life experience is manifested through your own perception.

14. Law of Gender – Everything has a masculine and a feminine.

The Truth is Hidden

Christianity is said to be the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. However, after his death (around 325 A.D.) the Roman emperor, Constantine, called a council in the city of Nicaea. The council brought together Christian bishops from all over to resolve some divisive issues and ensure the continued unity of the church. Emperor Constantine and church authorities purportedly banned problematic books that didn’t conform to their secret agenda.  The First Council of Nicaea decided which books to include, and which to exclude in The Bible. Around the 12th Century is when the inquisition courts began their reign of terror. This was the Medieval Inquisition period. It was established in response to movements considered criticism or heretical to Christianity.

A Well-Guarded Secret Hidden in the Wide Open!

The period of inquisition lasted an estimated 500 – 600 years. During this time, all non-believers of the Roman Catholic Church were arrested, tried, and swiftly punished with sever and barbaric methods of torture that often led to death. These punishments were approved and handed down from The Church itself. This data should make one wonder why would the Catholic Church uses the dead body of Christ nailed to the cross as a symbol for their church?  Could it have another meaning than the story they have so many of us believing? Symbolism predates history and has been used since. It is still being used in modern times.  Do we really know what the meaning of this is?  Or could it be a well-guarded secret in the wide open?

How brilliant is it to hide a well-guarded secret right in front of your eyes?

Why do Catholics really worship the instrument of death, that was used to murder the only son of God? Does this even begin to make sense? Do you believe that story? Why would the Church condemn the act of homosexuality, and then cover up crimes of homosexual behavior inflicted upon children from their own priests? 

Perhaps the hidden knowledge that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was silenced for sharing was found within the books that were deemed to be problematic for The Church

Maybe this was also the hidden knowledge that so many people were tortured and killed for practicing during the Christian Inquisition

A Lesson in History

Although the number of deaths is uncertain, some estimate it to be in the millions These videos dig deep into a period of darkness well hidden from the public until now!

Part 1: Root Out Heretics

Part 2: Tears of Spain

Part 3: War on Ideas

Part 4: End of Inquisition

Application of the Big Secret

The application of universal law can only work in your favor if you apply them consciously , as you will have all of the treasures of life unfold in front of you! The universe will keep giving, as long as the window of acceptance remains open.  

Unfortunately, we have chosen to create and live by our own ridiculous set of rules. As a result of violating these universal laws, we are experiencing the effects of our own actions. That is not to say that it’s a punishment handed down from an angry god, but rather the law of Cause and Effect on display for all to see and experience.

These laws enforce themselves without the need of a police force or an army. Nature takes care of its own through its own set of rules. Whatever we choose to do with our free will, we are free to do. Consequences do come as a result of our choices, but only as a reaction to our own actions. They are referred to as universal laws because they apply to everything within the universe.

The day we allow ourselves to put aside the silliness and evolve to a higher level of consciousness, we will finally be able to explore other worlds and dimensions outside of our own, like others have done in our vast universe. 

Our choices now are simple. Either we continue on in our suffering or begin to reprogram our minds toward the better way of life that we all seek. Life is more than mere survival. We all do it as a means to an end. 

Ask Yourself These Questions

  •     Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wake up one morning to peace within our own mind?
  •     How awesome is it to notice and appreciate the smallest details or things we often take for granted?
  •     Would I be disappointed to know exactly where to find happiness in my life at any given moment?
  •     How badly do I want to experience unconditional love? 

So, What is God, and How Does it Fit in Universal Law?

God is just a word. What it actually is transcends all words and meanings. To some, God is a supreme being that came to earth as a man through divine conception. To others, God is only a figment of our collective imagination.  Whether you believe in God or not, there is something that started all of this. It has also connected us all to each other, and to nature. Most of us can feel it within us. Only when we can accept this truth, we have discovered the meaning of life. 

To win any game, you must first master its rules. Only a few among us know them, the rest walk into oblivion. The root of every problem we face today in every are of life stem from one basic understanding that the human race has lost touch with. That is that we are all a part of one creation . This is one of the 14 universal laws, and the one that states that everything is interconnected. Even with so many religions and so many options tied to them all, it’s easy to see why we have fallen so far away and forgotten who we are as a loving society.

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