To win any game, you must first learn the rules. Life is a game. When we can stop being so serious and critical with each other, and be more critical in our own way of thinking, we will learn how to live. Most of us merely survive. Life was meant to be an adventure, not a struggle…here is where we got lost.

Your spirit requires nourishment just like your body does.  Lifting your spirit also raises your vibration frequency, which will change your experiences in a positive direction.  These videos will help you gain a better perspective on life’s challenges.

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People in general seem to believe most of what they are told. This is painfully obvious within the United States, and the rest of the world. Common Sense is a lost theology, simply because we don’t practice it anymore.

On a large scale, people of the world are kind spirited and will gravitate toward love energy naturally. In the spirit world, we are that perfect love energy. In this world, we all come with our own set of defects to figure out and fix, as we navigate through the madness. Looking at so much suffering we have experienced just in the past thousand years, many people have said “if only there could be world peace.” Then, others say “that will never happen.” To their credit, they are correct.

The World Needs a Better Theology

With the current theologies in practice, instead of something different, it would by definition be insane to expect anything different. Until we change the philosophy behind the theology, nothing will ever change the direction of this rapid decline in our society. Change is a law of science. And since nothing remains the same, quality of life can further decline from here, or go in the opposite direction completely…closer to that world peace that some people talk about.

What Exactly is God’s Law?

The purpose of The First Church of Common Sense is to offer the people of the world a religion that isn’t written by man, but governed by the universal laws that apply to everything in the universe. These laws are divine by design because they are self-evident to be self-enforced. In other words, no policing is necessary. Only such laws can be held to the integrity of what some call “God.” And by looking at the condition of the world in 2023, most would agree that these results have not been favorable for more than 75% of the population of the planet, or even the planet itself (and this is a very conservative estimate). Civil unrest is a symptom of the real problems that plague our world. 

So, are we as a civilized society going to allow this madness to continue? Or does it make more sense to let go of past failures and learn from them? The choice has always been up to us. We actually choose this life of turmoil by allowing it to continue. Most of us know that something in the God story we’ve been sold doesn’t line up with the results we are experiencing, but we still hold on to the beliefs that have produced such horrific results. Why do we do this? Is it because we believe that all of this was prophesized so we should just follow through to the bitter end…and continue to suffer?   Where is the sense in that?  Common sense is seeking the truth. Because without this knowledge, and application of it, humanity is doomed.  Only a small number of psychopaths have this knowledge and have kept it from the world.  Their objective is complete world domination. You can see the signs of their work in every area of life. They have been poisoning our bodies and our minds for a very long time.  If you ever wondered why common sense isn’t common anymore , then keep exploring this website.

“Evolution was never about ape becoming man; it is about a higher state of consciousness.”


To an awakened spirit, Common Sense is our only salvation. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was only one of many spirits who took form in the flesh to share divine wisdom with the world. Look how little we thought of him then, and then look at how many worships him in spiritual starvation now . It’s time for a new era of life, liberty, peace, prosperity, and justice for all of the people on earth…NOT just a fraction of one percent of it. And that in itself is COMMON SENSE.

Creating a Better World for the People, By Creating Better People for the World!

Enjoy the best Human Experience possible
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