Many people who try to grasp the Law of Attraction and struggle. Because, when they make attempts to practice it, they leave out key ingredients that make the Law of Attraction work in their favor. We see people on social media say “ The Law of attraction doesn’t work, or it’s a hoax…etc.” What these people have failed to figure out is that all these universal laws work together. The  law of Vibration is a driving factor to the Law of Attraction , along with many others that are also intertwined. If you only focus on one aspect of manifestation, you will miss all of the rest, and you won’t experience the desired results.

So, to understand this universal law, we will begin with vibration .       What is it?

What is Vibration?

Everything that we can or cannot see — is ENERGY. It moves and vibrates at a specific frequency


·        Your hand holding your phone, the ground, your feet, the leaves and the rocks.

·        The tree in the distance, cars, that bus!

·        Other people, your neighbor’s cat.

·        And every empty space in between.

·        Dust in the air.

·        Even your own thoughts!

On the atomic level, everything vibrates. It is this vibration frequency where matter is formed. Humans are made mostly of water. According to USGS , up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Vibration frequency in water works like this: When water is heated, the vibration frequency is elevated, and the higher the frequency goes, water eventually becomes steam as it begins to vaporize. As steam vapors cool quickly, vapors become water again in the form of condensation. When water is cooled to freezing temperatures, The vibration frequency is slowed down, and the water becomes ice.  

What is the Law of Vibration?

Since everything is energy, then everything is in a state of constant vibration. Everything is always moving. Even things that look inanimate, like rocks, metal, plastic or glass! Even things we can’t see like atoms, radio waves, microwaves, or thought waves… EVERYTHING, is always moving!

Practical Application Engineering

Your passionate intent will prove to become a powerful energy force. To wield such power, you must first become emotionally invested in the ideas that you come up with. If you only spend minutes a day visualizing, while wasting the rest of the day focused on negative energies, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The Law of Vibration cannot be manipulated, but your mind can be.

Learn to use this powerful tool. Vibration keeps you in control of your own fate.

Using Powerful Mind Energy

Your subconscious mind is a part of you that stores all of your data, including your triggered responses, beliefs, and behavior patterns. Have you ever suddenly awakened from a nightmare, terrified? Did it feel as if you were in the dream? Have you ever cried during a movie? Your mind doesn’t know the difference. Your mind responds to stimuli. If you don’t feed it, someone else will. The mind should be used for critical thinking and sharing of ideas. This will keep it working to it’s fullest, and it will also bring you closer to passionate intent.

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”    ~ Proverbs 23:7

So, to fully understand and apply this law, and the Law of Attraction, you must learn that your feeling in the moment…right now…in this present moment commands your vibration. Your feelings are words we use to describe our conscious awareness to vibrations. We even say “I’m getting bad vibes.” 

Esther Hicks, also known as Abraham Hicks, is an American author and inspirational speaker. She has a beautiful message that simply says allow yourself to be happy in the moment. Hicks goes on to add your focus should always be to feel food in the moment. Since vibrations are raised and lowered by how we feel, wouldn’t make better sense to control our own feelings by using our own software? 

Master the Law of Vibration  and you will master your life.