These are some videos that will inspire your spirit. Just like the food we put in our bodies to create energy, our mind and spirit also work the same. If we starve our bodies, we may feel weak on a physical level. When we starve our mind, then we will feel it on a mental level. What’s even worse than mental starvation, is feeding poison into the mind. This is how social engineers are able to get intelligent people to think, say, and do the absurd.

The mind is easy to manipulate. The spirit cannot be manipulated. That is the God part of you. Nobody else has control of that but you. When we starve the spirit, we will always feel empty and lost. Many addicts have felt this “void” or painful emptiness. Maybe there are followers of other theologies that feel the same?

We become one, only on a spiritual level. In order to understand this, we must feel it. There isn’t a “fake it until you make it” pill for this. Life mastery is achieved through :

  • Trial and error.
  • Learning from own mistakes.
  • Acquired wisdom (watching others fail).

Technology has given the world a universe of knowledge. Through the power of video, we can access anything we choose to feed our mind. If you correspond what you feed your body with what you feed your mind, is your mind eating healthy or is it snacking on junk food?

Here is a healthy option for both your Spirit and your Mind!

PRINCE EA – Richard Williams,is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. His goal is very clear…to help humankind evolve.
Thoughts are a very powerful form of energy. It is worth learning how to use this power to your liking.
You are Energy! This will give you a different perspective. Learn this and power up your life!
Earl Nightingale has been explaining the concept of the Law of Attraction since the 1950’s.

Change your energy and change your life experience. If we do this all at once…do the math. We are all one conscious mind. When you understand the science, then you become a much more powerful part of that collective consciousness. As more and more people grasp that power and become a power source, then we become more powerful and the God concept becomes more clear. Doing God’s work doesn’t involve parroting lines you hear on the TV, or in church. Doing God’s work involves learning divine law for yourself and teaching others. These are only a few videos. You can find much more information on any subject that interests you. The idea here is to thirst for truth. So, enjoy the videos, but still question everything until it jives with universal law…and still feels right to you!

Life Tools

These are a few powerful life tools to lift your spirit during these hard times. Everything is energy, positive or negative. Like attracts like in frequency of vibrational energy. Think of a radio and the different stations that you can find on it. If you don’t like the program, simply tune into another one. These tools will help you navigate your way to your desires.
Resolve is our steering mechanism.
Faith is the believing in the knowledge of the soul.
Perseverance is rocket fuel!
Mindset is everything!