The Law of Rhythm keeps everything together and flowing smooth.  Since everything is energy, and all energy moves and changes constantly, these movements and changes occur in rhythm.

Have you ever noticed when you hear music, you want to follow the beat or get an urge to dance?  From a scientific view, there is a good reason for that.  Seasons follow a rhythm, and so do cycles, stages of development, and patterns.  When you become a master of these laws, you will know how to rise above any negative part of any cycle of change and land on your target thought simply by not letting negativity into your consciousness.

The Law of Rhythm is what allows us to walk and the birds to fly.  It controls the tides of the oceans and the rising and setting of the sun.  Without rhythm, nothing would align properly.

In a relationship, even if you are with the right person, things would go wrong if you are out of rhythm. In the body, if the heart loses its rhythm, the mind becomes confused.  If the spirit loses its rhythm, then we become lost.