This law establishes how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives simply through our thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions. Like attracts like. When you send out negative energy through your thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions, you will receive the same back.

If you send out positive energy, you will attract the same back. The force of attraction is visible in everything around us, and if we are aware, we can actually see it working. Attraction holds together the cells in our bodies, just as it draws bees to a flower. It brings people together with common interests as it brings two souls together as one. It brings you to your favorite people, places, and things. Attraction is love. Think about this; if you weren’t attracted to something, would you have any feeling toward it?

The Science Working Behind the Scenes

This works like a tuning fork. If you place a tuning fork in a room full of tuning forks, by causing a vibration in that first fork, only the ones tuned to that exact frequency will vibrate.

Out of Tune

Ask a guitar player. When the instrument is out of tune with the others in the band, they cannot play music. The sound they all hear is a sour noise that will stop a runaway train! Usually, somebody will stop playing and tell the one with the issue to tune up. Musicians are very sensitive to the Law of Attraction on a subconscious level. Even if the tuning is slightly off, the feelings between the band members become tense. All band mates start looking at their own instruments to see if they are the one who is out of tune.

In life, if we are out of tune, we have to stop the music too, so we may get back in tune. Sometimes it is our natural rhythm that is off. Most of the time it is our perception that is the culprit. That may be why we don’t see the results we are receiving as those we were expecting. It is easy to say that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work when we don’t get what we want, but if you change the recipe to any formula, it won’t work either.

There is a formula to this law that has to be followed in order for you to see the results you want. Each law works with the others to work correctly. People often forget this simple rule and then say these laws don’t work, when in fact, they worked as they were designed to. The steps are not hard to follow. They are actually quite simple.


The first step is to ask. When you have a thought about something you want, the first thing to do is to announce it to the universe. Say it out loud and proud: “I want that car!” Think hard on that thought. Create a vision board, and post pictures of all the things you desire. The better the visual, the more powerful the energy you send out there. Find a picture of exactly the car you want, down to the color, options, and every fine detail. Post it on your vision board. Focus your thoughts on it often. Feel yourself driving it. Act as if you own it now, in that moment. Do this often.

The next step is to believe. Believe that you can have that car in your life, and then release the thought to the universe. Trust is very important. Make certain in your mind that you are going to get that car, and the universe will find the way to it. It is also very important to remove all doubt from your mind, as this will slam down on the brakes and your thought will shift to something else. Doubt is the killer of dreams.

Don’t bother to worry about how you will get the car. Know that you will for certain! This is what gets most people screwed up. They think that in their own situation, it would never be possible, and then that becomes their reality. The law works as it should. Any negativity in your thought process ripples through your first thought of choosing that car, like a rock thrown into a calm pond. You will get exactly what you thought you would: nothing. Affirmations can help reprogram your subconscious and will also describe your goals as being reached. It also places focus on that which you want and not that which you don’t want.

Receiving Made Easy

The last step is to receive. The best way to do this is to be grateful for the smallest blessings, ones that most people take for granted.

  • If you eat more than once a day, you are doing better than one billion people on this planet who can’t.
  • If you have clean water to drink, be grateful because many don’t (and that is a basic necessity of life).
  • Over 1.3 billion people have no electricity and…
  • 80 percent of the world’s population live in poverty.

If you have it better than these people, be grateful. There are many who have real hardships in their lives, just like those who went through the Holocaust or those living in a third world country.

Apply the Law of Relativity, and you will find much to appreciate about the simple problems that we face in America. Accept people and situations as they are. If you see something you don’t like, don’t complain or harbor negative thoughts or feelings about it. Use the Law of Correspondence, and make the changes within yourself that resemble those things you don’t like.

Apply the rest of the laws of nature, and you will soon have all the treasures your thoughts can dream up. The universe will keep giving as long as your window of acceptance remains open. As a result of violating the laws of nature and choosing to create and live by our own set of ridiculous rules, we are experiencing the effects of our own actions.

These laws enforce themselves without the need of an army. Nature takes care of its own through these set of rules. Whatever we choose to do with our free will, we are free to do. Consequences do come as a result of our choices, and not in the form of a punishment handed down by an angry God. Rather they are a reaction to our own actions. These laws are not just for us to follow; the rest of the universe is affected by them as well. Maybe one day we will learn to put our silliness aside and finally grow to become like others in our vast universe that can explore other worlds and dimensions outside of our own.

It seems like the only thing left to do at this point is continue on with the suffering we know or start the reprogramming of our own minds. This is clearly the way toward a better life we all seek. Life is more than mere survival. We all do it as a means to an end. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wake up one morning to peace inside our own minds? How awesome would it be to notice and appreciate the smallest details in things we take for granted? Would you be disappointed to know exactly where to find happiness in your life in any given moment? How badly do you want to experience unconditional love? God is just a word. To some, it means so much more. To others, it is only a figment of the imagination. Believe in God or not. There is something that ties us all to each other and nature. When we can accept this truth, we will have discovered the true meaning of life. To win any game, you must first master its rules, and only a few know them. The rest of us will walk into oblivion. The root of all problems we face today, in every area of our lives, stems from one basic understanding that most of the human race has lost touch with. This is a very simple concept that we are all part of a one that makes all creation a whole. This basic idea is one of many natural laws of the universe. It is easy to see why we have fallen so far away from this and forgotten who we are as people of a loving society.