The Law of Action is what creates motion from  thought energies to the physical manifestation. The law is very powerful and very easy to understand.  Quite simply, if your actions best fit your thoughts and ideas, you’re in harmony with the Law of Action. Expect to see things come into your view as your energies align

Nothing happens by magic . Every great idea realized has had a first step. Take it , and the next one will come.

The Law of Action is the missing link between thought and emotional energy needed to fuel a burning desire.   Napoleon Hill talks about this white-hot burning desire  in his masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich .” Nothing works by magic . Many people miss this key ingredient that puts the  Law of Attraction into gear in your  desired direction.   

Effort + Visualization + Action = Manifestation.

Action is required to get things into motion, or “to get the ball rolling.” Without the first step , nothing happens in your favor. So many people hang up on the first step. Time delays between thought and action are often the direct result of complacency

 Inspired Action  is something most of us aren’t even aware of, but it has a very powerful effect when we use it. Often, we are made to go left instead of go right, and then we get upset because our plans were foiled. We miss a flight, or a meeting. A show is cancelled, or a business deal falls through…we get upset over these disappointments . We have to keep in mind that Inspired Action is working in the background!

Faith is Powerful Energy

“You don’t need to see the entire staircase. You only need to see the next step.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

A lot of us are fearful of the steps that follow. Without  applied faith, we fall victim to stalling and second-guessing the desired outcome. Procrastination leads to a lack of self-discipline as we all watch our dreams turn to ash before our eyes. Action gets it all started…and this is where we use FAITH !

The more you tune in to the inspired thought or idea, you will feel led as if some unknown force is guiding you toward your goal. This is the spirit part of your being. It speaks to you through  feelings or intuition. You are safe to trust this kind voice, as this is your true self. Your Highest Self is the greatest version of you yet. It always out performs itself, but only if you allow it. You always have free will to think or do as you wish. But if you want to see amazing results, you will need to trust your Highest Self and apply the  Law of Action