Everything is in a constant state of change. Your thought energy is always moving into physical form, and whatever you are experiencing right now will also change. You can speed up the change and create a different condition, positive or negative, but there is no going back to the way it was.

Everyone has the power to change their own attitudes, perceptions, thoughts, or lives, as change is all there is. What you can do is accept it and not resist it. It has been said: the pain is in the resistance. There is much truth to this statement. We create our own misery as a result of our own actions. In nature, things either grow or die. If you are one who doesn’t like change, get over yourself because this law is not going anywhere.

Change has always been, and it will always be.

One way you can apply this to your life is to look at it this way: Everything that exists is energy, and that energy is always in a constant state of change, from the nonphysical form to the physical form (and back into the nonphysical again). So when a loved one departs from our lives, it really isn’t a loss of life. It is only a transformation of energy as they depart. So celebrate their life, and take comfort knowing that their spirit energy is still very much alive!

We all feel a sense of loss when we experience the death of a loved one. In the moment, it seems like we will never see them again, but according to the Law of Transmutation, that loved one merely changed form. We can visit them anytime through our nonphysical state of thought or recorded memories. This law can ease a lot of pain during our most painful times we experience. A sad moment can become a joyous celebration of life. The more you become in tune with these universal laws, the more sensitive you will become to these strong energies and other powerful abilities. Your spirit awakens!

God will only give you what you can handle right now, and nothing more.

To experience the Law of Change, you must let go of the idea that you have control of anything. Most events are outside of our control as an individual. We need the energy of others to make things that size go our way. When the collective consciousness is focused on fear, then that society can and usually do guide the entire life experience in that direction of change.

History Shows the Truth

Anyone who studies the pages of history carefully can see moments in time when certain decisions could have been made differently, a lot of horror could have been avoided. We say: “Hind-sight is always 20/20.” But is it really? The events that led to the holocaust were engineered by brilliant masterminds working within the National Socialist German Workers’ Party that later became the Nazi Party. Over time selected groups of people were arrested and some were forced to wear a mark (a yellow star), on their clothes. Later they were all rounded up and sent to ghettos,and later sent to death camps on trains. Change is always happening. If we aren’t evolving forward, then we are going backwards.

These are citizens of Europe (Jewish deportees) forming into lines as they depart from the train. The lines go straight from the train to the Gas Chambers.
These images were taken at Birkenau, a section of the Auschwitz prison facility.

If these people weren’t ready to ascend from their bodies in this moment, the ability to avoid this outcome was long gone. Using natural law as a compass is like depending on the sun for natural light. Nothing works by magic or luck. The energy we are and live within is ever-changing and always moving. Where would you like be? What would you like to experience? Place your focus on that and keep it there with a passion.