The easiest way to explain this divine law, is to say that you are a part of something much larger. Your spirit is connected to all other spirits, that combined is God/ the Universe/ Source Energy, etc. or whatever you choose to call it. You create your reality. Just like the creator creates with the universal mind that you are part of. Your life experience is purely up to you, but your thoughts, beliefs and actions will also affect the experiences of others, and the collective consciousness.  

Once we can understand that everything is inter connected, then we can accept that we are all one being. That being God. This divine law has been proven again and again through science. Once you begin to understand this one, more questions will develop, and so on…This law is the R ed pill, and also the doorway to a level of freedom only gods enjoy. These videos will give you some more insight into this powerful law of natural science.

This video will explain the Divine Law of Oneness

Here is another great source of knowledge