This Is How We Do It…

Part 1: The Great Paradigm Shift

A Paradigm is defined as a framework that has unwritten rules and that directs actions. A paradigm shift occurs when one paradigm loses its influence and another takes over. It’s very clear that current theologies in practice today have influenced humanity to choose a very dark path… 

Rather than spiritual oneness, we have accepted separatism as the pattern of thought. This one departure from Universal Law  is where every problem we face is rooted. We now choose fear over love. People worship God, but fail to understand that God is pure love energy. Some even fear God. That alone should explain just how little we know of God. In order to correct the mistakes of the past, we must have the courage to change the things we can.

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

Changing the Things We Can…

First, we need to stop spending money on things like Mega Worship Centers. They really don’t serve any practical purpose. There are plenty of large venues to hold public gatherings. Also, the funds used to make purchases of buses, jets, fancy buildings and other church assets should go to helping the needy, and NOT bloating the image of the church by stroking its ego. People are suffering here and abroad. If we all help, we can and will make long lasting change that will bring the people of the world closer together. The paradigm must shift back towards oneness. Because as of now, we have been breaking God’s law…and we are experiencing the effects from THAT.

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”

 ― Mahatma Gandhi.

Mega Worship Centers

Oneness Is Key

The universal Law of Divine Oneness is very clear in showing us that everything is somehow connected to something else. This is the fundamental rule of universal law. Oneness is key in the understanding of life in the physical world. Just like parts inside of an engine, everything depends on something else in order to work. What makes this law divine is that it doesn’t need your approval or acceptance for it to be…it just is

If you hold too tightly to the idea of separatism, you will miss out on the possibility of any other experience than the one you are having right now. For the world to change in a better way, we all must be willing to make the adjustments necessary from within ourselves. Nothing works by way of magic…not even magic! All spiritual principals come from the universal Law of Divine Oneness

Duality or separatism is where the ego comes from. So, if the belief is that we are separate from God, then we are separate from each other, and also separate from spirit. None of that is in harmony with divine law, yet most people who follow religion faithfully don’t seem to realize that their beliefs defy God’s law. But because of free will, we can choose to live this way… however, with every cause, there is an effect.   

Part 2: The Church Outside of Virtual Reality

It is very important to have fellowship that can hug each other, communicate face-to-face, enjoy meals together, and be involved in local group activities. For example, holiday parties, picnics, ball games, dances, and other social gatherings. People need other people in their lives, because humans are social creatures by nature.

After one month or more on house arrest, we all have a feeling of disconnect. Also, any doctors with integrity, will agree that social distancing, constant hand washing and sanitizing actually weakens our human immune systems naturally. In other words, we need each other’s germs to keep our own systems healthy. Fellowship is very common within all faiths, including 12-step programs

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

There is a system of fellowship that has been proven to work great. Some people know about this method that brings people together for the common good. Anybody that has attended a 12-step meeting or familiar with the program, knows how well this works.  Narcotics Anonymous has grown into a world organization. Before that was  Alcoholics Anonymous, who paved the way to amazing results in a program of recovery from addiction. Some don’t agree with every aspect of the program, but those who follow the program and stick to the core principals, end up experiencing a level of freedom most non-addicts could only dream of!  It is often said inside the rooms: “Normal people could benefit from these principals of spirituality.” 

We will use the structure of the 12-step programs as a template to set up our church meetings all over the country, and the rest of the world. Anyone anywhere can contact the church for the literature and bylaws to set up a meeting in their local area. Narcotics Anonymous started here in the United States and now has chapters in Iran!  


NA, a 12-step program developed in a western, predominantly Christian-oriented country, was adapted widely in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a setting different in culture, language, ethnicity, and religious orientation. The growth in its membership derives, in part, from specific innovations that may have broader applicability in other settings.

So, we know this works!

Part 3: Purpose & Use of Church Funds

Since the First Church of Common Sense is going to keep less and give so much more, the giving will be plenty more than any church in history has been able to do until now. We will bring everyone from all faiths together (some sooner than others), to include those who don’t believe in religion. Because even those who are Atheist or Agnostic believe in common sense.  The spirit of oneness is within all human beings, as within every other living creature of nature. If we are able to let go of our ego, even for just a moment, we will see that we are far more powerful as a collective spirit. It’s up to every individual person to decide whether this world is the best we can do, or that we can do much better . But if we don’t try anything different, we will never know…

Together We Will Make It Possible!

 *    Feeding the hungry – nobody else needs to starve.

 *    Housing for the homeless and their families – We’ve waited long enough to act.

 *    Free Education & Life Tools – enough to keep you going for a lifetime!

 *    Workshops sponsored by the Church.

 *    Local community events put on by local Chapters.

 *    Bring the local communities back together –

              *** And So Much More…

As more people witness God’s work being done on EARTH as it is done in HEAVEN, more support will come to the Church. Together, we will unite as one very powerful source of pure love energy that will benefit all people, and not just a few.

This can be achieved by using the same tactics and techniques being used by social engineers. Only now, we will be in full control of our own programming. These methods of repeated suggestions are also used in 12-step programs to stop self-destructive behaviors among addicts, and they work!

Human psychology is something all humans should learn. It is the handbook of life, and must be shared with all people of the world! This is the hidden knowledge that has enslaved humans from the beginning of time!

Join Us Today!

Even if you don’t believe in a god, but accept energy… welcome home! Even if you still have one foot in your church, you are welcome here as well! We are a community of freedom loving humans. We think deeper than skin color, language, religion, or any other social barrier. We are all connected through divine laws, and that is our religion. The lost theology of Common Sense!

The First Church of Common Sense is NOT exclusive, but all inclusive .

We will post the projects, and numbers for all to see. The funds, the projects and detail every step we take with pictures, public documents and video. This will become the ultimate plan to give the youth of this world a life we as adults could only dream of!

We are living in the dark ages folks.

Don’t you think it’s time to turn the light on?

Join Us Now!

Enjoy the best human experience anywhere!

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