This is an open letter to all of my fellow Americans.  My concerns are very much in line with all of yours. Since the middle of 2020, we have seen and felt a decline of our basic human rights vanish literally overnight.  Our system of currency has been driven into the ground so deep, there is no bringing it back. When this country was first formed, it was set up to be a constitutional republic. A nation based on laws, not mob-rule.  Since the very creation of what was to become a great nation and a new beginning, there was always a vulnerability to fall back into tyranny.  Tyrants have been trying to rule over others from the beginning of time!  The power hungry are also very psychotic. If we don’t start connecting the dots, and do it soon…we won’t know what hit us.  Connecting the dots will show a much grimmer picture than Godzilla, himself!  And the damage he did will be dwarfed by what we will feel in the months ahead.  These psychopaths know that their days are numbered and time is running out as more Americans wake up to what is happening, and those responsible for the crimes that are happening back-to-back!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Humans breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, but trees breathe in the carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  It’s been a fair trade for centuries before politician and corporations got together and sold the American public the idea that something had to be done to prevent an apocalyptic event.  While unbeknownst to the American public, they’ve been secretly poisoned and continue to be by means of spraying heavy metals and other chemicals in the skies above us, poisoning the soil and livestock, compromising our food supply.  If these things aren’t odd enough, a bad chemical spill in Ohio is remedied by setting fire to burn off the toxic material into the atmosphere!  Where was the outcry for Climate Change? You don’t need a degree in chemistry to know that burning toxic chemicals into the atmosphere isn’t a good idea.  Who in the EPA allowed this? 

Common Sense Says…

When government fails its citizens, it renders itself useless to the people it serves.  When government abuses its power to take advantage of its citizens, inflicting harm and causing damages to the lives of every citizen in the nation, that is the crime of treason.  When tyranny becomes law, the duty to stop it fall back on those whom it effects the most…YOU. Is this the world we want out children to live in?  And what about their children?  Erasing history is easy.  What isn’t so easy to erase is your intuition.  Only you have full control of that.  Your human sense will kick in eventually, and most likely already has. 

Coming Attractions

A digital currency that can be programmed and turned off by a ruling class of gangsters working for a one-world government.  George Orwell laid it out for us back in 1949, in his book Nineteen Eighty Four. We should have paid more attention to that story. This is complete control.

Huge amounts of Farmland has been purchased by one very committed billionaire eugenist who made wealth by poisoning millions of men, women, and children in Africa and India. His prediction to cause another biological event was very clear, and the infrastructure to contain a mass revolt or even peaceful protest has already been installed everywhere in the country. 

15 minute cities are popping up all over the world, and the infrastructure are developing in local towns near you. Have you noticed the purple street lights going up everywhere? Those aren’t defective LEDs. Towers are lower to the ground than ever. Have you noticed that?  Electromagnetic radiation sickness has the effect of the FLU. Could that send the next wave of victims to their death or injury by way of the needle?

 When will this madness end? Who will come from the sky to save us? If you’re waiting for a savior, then you must know that YOU are the savior for your child, your niece/ nephew, or grandchild. As Americans we’ve sacrificed our own for a sense of freedom that we never really had until now!  This deceitful robbery of our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will only end when WE THE PEOPLE stand up together and say loudly and proudly:  E N O U G H… We’ve had enough. Criminals belong in cages, not in positions of power.

What Do We Do?

Totalitarian regimes around the world are facing opposition from the people and we remain silent.  We watched our tyrannical government spread terror around the world and we remained silent. When government commits crimes against its own people it becomes a terror organization and illegitimate.

Law enforcement and military personal, brace yourselves and buckle up for a bumpy ride. You are the last line of defense between the monsters doing the crimes and the people whom you took an oath to “serve and protect.”  You must weed out the rotten ones from your own ranks and replace them with the citizens in your jurisdiction who will serve you honorably.

Private citizens of our beloved America, I am not asking, I am merely seeing the moves on the chess board. Checkmate is coming soon.  We are up against great players in this game between good and evil. Their advantage is that they understand the game better than most of us. But, what frightens them the most is the sheer number of people here in this country and abroad who cherish their freedoms and liberties.  With the help of our local law enforcement, military, and militias working together, we can begin to clean up our local communities by independent investigations run by a panel of local citizens.  Arrests are necessary before the criminals in power start sending law-abiding victims to concentration camps. 

That was done in the past several times, including here. You can bet it’s in the plan.  These are strange times, and some call it the end times.  One thing you can be certain of… either the good people end the crime spree inflicted on them relentlessly by the evil that has control over our world. Or, the dark powers will end humanity. These are unique times. Everyone that has tried to stop this evil from growing has been silenced in one form or the other. Suicide is a popular method. Public shaming is simple when you have access to AI technology and people believe what they see on TV.

Pay close attention to what is being censored or “fact checked.” There is no reason to censor what isn’t true. Truth is known to bring down empires. Bullshit really doesn’t have any real power, until it is forced onto an unsuspecting public in the form of psychological warfare. When the government goes after concerned parents and labels them as “domestic terrorists,” you can see who the real terrorists are. These parents all have a legitimate concern when a government run school system injects sexual grooming at such a young age. Indoctrination through school programming isn’t new, but in the last few years, the perverse nature of policy change is somethings ALL American patriots detest and will defy to their last breath!

We Are Americans

The land of the free and the home of the brave has turned to the land of the fee and the home of the slave.  How did we become this way?  How could we have allowed this kind of take over?  The answer is much too complex to cover in one blog.  Stay tuned because we will share more data.  We need to unite as American Patriots, like our forefathers did to establish this once great nation.  A division of the people made it very easy to slip in a gang of thugs posing as an illegitimate government.  The enemy is within the machine we call government. An insurrection did occur, but it took place long before January 6, 2021. Some time before April 15, 1912, a plan had formed into what we see today.  Greedy men with a sickness to control others started playing this game of chess with the American public. Every move was made in stealth, and every one led to another and another.  Every step of the way, we became more distracted and less interested to govern our own creation. It got so bad that we completely capitulated to a criminal banking system.  That eventually became a criminal cabal that has it’s dirty hands in everything. A banking cartel that has the power to buy up and control the air, water, soil, and every resource on the planet that you can imagine!  Now it is financing a lethal injection designed to minimize our numbers?  Sounds like the criminals that used gas during WW2 evolved to a new way to thin the crowds.  Didn’t we decide we weren’t going to behave that way again in Nuremburg?

My Fellow Americans, the time has come, and it’s getting very close to a check mate.  If we unite and get ahead of the plans being made and followed by an established crime syndicate, we might have a chance to regain the chess board and flip the script on our enemy.  I can assure you that no private citizen will want to experience a lifetime of tyranny 4.0. Because it won’t end there either.  It’s time for the silent majority to rise up and roar! Because it won’t stop unless we do.

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