The law of attraction is very misunderstood. Some think this is just wishful thinking, and nothing more than another hoax. Wishful thinking doesn’t result in anything… than more wishful thinking. The Law of Attraction isn’t wishful thinking, It’s much more than just a wish. The Law of Attraction is science. It is a law of nature that is constantly working in the background. Whether you understand it or not, it is happening all around you. Nichola Tesla once said that “We live inside a sea of energy.” And since everything is energy, he did make sense. Tesla was one of the most brilliant minds to ever walk the planet. His discoveries also included wireless technology that make WiFi and wireless cellular communication possible. Tesla knew a little about the science of energy. So, if we live in a sea of energy, like Tesla explained, then how does attraction work?

Easy, Think of an electro-magnet. This thing has the power to pick up your dad’s old Buick and lift it off of the ground! That is powerful magnetic energy! Here is a little secret you won’t hear in church…you are like that electro-magnet. No kidding. Your energy powers the magnet. Thought and emotion work together as fuel to get you off of your butt and into gear. Either you push yourself deeper into your couch and miss out, or you will get excited about the possibilities the world has for you and take control. Either way, you are working that magnet to draw you closer or farther away from what you desire.

Polarity is Important to Understand

If you haven’t tried this, you should. This is a simple experiment using two magnets. Put the two ends together one way, and the magnets will pull to each other. Then, flip one of the magnets to the opposite end and try to push the ends together and you will feel the resistance as you try and force them together. You can literally push one across a table without actually touching them together. The energy force between the magnets will push one of them. magnetic polarity is also science. Through the Law of Correspondence we can learn things by looking at things we do understand to understand things we don’t just yet. The Law of Polarity is another one we must understand in order to make the Law of Attraction work in our favor. If we think this is all just a bunch of bull…well, then we have already given up before any effort was put into the exploration. What kind of result do you think that will bring? The Law of Belief has a place in this too. It’s really easy to just give up, as many of us have already. But if you’re still reading this, I would bet you are just a little curious to see if there is any truth to this magic. Just know, universal laws aren’t magic. They are the science that schools don’t teach anymore. Teachers of the Law of Attraction should be able to show you proof of the law working in their own lives. The more you know about how things work, the better you will master your life…and that is just common sense!

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