The words we choose shape our lives into what we experience.  We have to pay close attention to the meanings of the words we choose to use in our sentences.  The meaning and context in which they are received and processed, will crystallize a perception that will shape a belief, drive a behavior and eventually create a real physical experience.  This is very powerful energy. 

The power come from the main ingredient called “emotion.”  Emotional responses arise when we speak, read or hear certain words.  For example, the word “fire” will trigger three different emotional responses if you use it while cooking, or in your work place, or in a crowded movie theater.  The emotional response is powerfully emotional, but the intensity of the reaction will be far greater saying it in a densely populated area, rather than at home in your kitchen. 

A Deeper Understanding Beyond Words.

We must learn how to chose our words to form ideas we can all relate with.  This is how a civilized society thinks, behaves and lives.  Fear is a sign that we haven’t learned much about the power of words, or the true meaning of God.  Those who are turned off when they hear the word “God” will engage in conversation if I were to substitute the word God with the word source energy or the universe.  Both sides emanate to the same idea of what God is, but the usage of words keeps one idea separated as two.  We need to learn to get past this.  The divine law of oneness explains this mass confusion in a simple concept, that everything (including God) is inner connected to everything.  So your god is my god and together we are all God.

Our Reality is Merely Illusion.

The laws of quantum physics have already proven that physical matter doesn’t really exist.  Also, that everything is energy in different states of vibration that is measured by frequency.

Energy vibrates at an infinite number of subtle frequencies that cause it to appear as all the different creations we see in our world. There has been a lot of research in recent years looking into whether the universe we think is real, is actually a holographic experience, and it seems that this is much closer to the truth.

“Atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real.  They form a world of potentialities or possibilities, rather than one of things or facts.”

Werner Heisenberg

German theoretical physicist, Werner Karl Heisenberg, was one of the key pioneers of quantum mechanics. He published his work in 1925 in a breakthrough paper. His work and contribution to the world resulted in him winning the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932.

“What does all of this have to do with the words I choose to use?”

Very simple. If you don’t understand the power of words, it would be wise to learn that first. The Law of Cause and Effect doesn’t discriminate and has no remorse or mercy either. it will have the same consequence if you operate machinery you don’t know a thing about. There is a good reason they only allow skilled pilots fly commercial aircraft. Even with advanced skills, things can go wrong. But, someone skilled in the science of aviation, and the controls of the aircraft itself, can do a much better job than a plumber or doctor. If you were on that aircraft, who would you feel more comfortable flying it? The doctor, or the plumber? Remember both “doctor” and “plumber” are just words…you put meaning to those words by what you have learned about them.

Critical Thinking 101

Let’s pretend that the word “doctor” is related to someone who fixes pipes and fittings that break inside your home or business, and a “plumber” is who you go to see when it stings when you go pee. I would still choose the pilot to fly the aircraft, because flying an aircraft has more to do with the science of aviation. If the word “doctor” was related to aviation and “pilot” was someone who studied the science of medicine and the human body, then pilots would work in hospitals, and doctors would fly commercial aircraft.

Be careful with your words. Because they have power in their meaning and the context in which they are used.

The Power of Context

Here is were a lot of us fall short. Context is how a word is used to form ideas. We misuse a lot of words. A word’s meaning can be lost in context, IF the wrong words are used or the context is misplaced. IF is a big word for using so few letters. If my aunt had a penis, then she would be my uncle (allow yourself to laugh). Think about the word “if” used in that sentence. that one word can change gender!

Don’t be so quick to dismiss someone else’s idea merely based on their choice of words. Dig into the idea behind their message. There could be divine wisdom within their message…not just the choice of words themselves. In other words: always seek meaning. Let that be the light that guides you.

Many people have misused the word “God.” For this mistake, through the Law of Cause and Effect, our understanding of what God is, and our relation to God has been manipulated to take humankind so much further away from the idea of the one God of pure love, that loves every aspect of it’s incredible creation! For some reason, some of us fear God, and others believe this divine force of all creation likes one group and not another. This fits neither “divine” or God. If you don’t know how to use your words correctly, you will never learn how to get your messages out with intent. Since emotion is the fuel, you will not get the purest fuel either.

To most people, the word “God” refers to the source energy that is responsible for everything in creation. If you don’t believe in the deity accepted by religion, but you understand and accept the scientific explanation of the source of all energy, it’s all the same here. There can only be one source. That much is science.

Life is a game. Learn the rules and you will win much more often.

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