We are facing a time of uncertainty. Nothing like this has ever happened in our lives before, and especially on this scale. The world fell asleep and woke up to a pack of fat wolves and their disciples. We still live in a civil society, one that has laws that keep the chaos to a dull roar. However, when you apply the laws of nature to the situations around us, any awakened spirit can clearly see that we are being led into the shadows where the light of truth can easily be hidden.

I am starting to see pictures of our angry citizens showing their frustration in group protest. I am seeing people being arrested by law enforcement for doing nothing more than enjoying a nice day with their child in a park, at a beach or hiking on a nature trail. As Law Enforcement Officers you have been tasked with enforcing our man made laws. Or as some may say, herding the sheep.

Think like a Lion

We don’t think like the sheep, in fact we protect them because, sheep have a limited capacity to think outside their own lives, and only a few feet beyond their own field of vision. Since their vision is limited, so is their point of view. This makes them vulnerable to becoming a snack for the wolves.

Image by: Preben Petersen on Pixabay.com

As lions, we have a much larger field of vision, and our ability to reason and use the wit God or source energy (which ever pleases you), blessed us with. Lions are “king” of all animals in the kingdom. Including sheep, and including wolves. This is why you will never see a lion on a wolf’s menu.

Back to the Current Situation

Using correspondence to relate with something we know about the lion, the wolf, and the sheep, as enforcers of the law, you must be aware of a much higher rule of law than the one you are being paid to manage. Divine law is not something that needs your service. In other words, you will never need to enforce the law of gravity, physics or electricity, simply because there is no need. These laws self-enforce by design. Have you ever dropped your keys? Or have you ever seen rain leave the ground and fall toward the clouds? If this sounds silly to you, then you understand why these laws are divine.

Know Your Duty

As a law enforcement professional, you must know that you are the last line of defense between the wolves handing down orders, and the fellow lions (because many of us chose different career paths), and the sheep. Use your wisdom. Abusing your power will only make your job way more difficult than it has to be. Also, this action will turn other lions against you. Be mindful of the Law of Cause and Effect. This supersedes any man-made law or otherwise.

Image by: BruceEmmerling on Pixabay.com

Civil unrest isn’t the product of a fair system of government. In fact, it is a direct result of a criminal element within the system of government. As a warrior against crime, you must be able to identify your enemy. They certainly aren’t the grazing sheep, nor the lions that have your full support.

Lion Warrior Speaking the Truth

Officer Greg Anderson is a true leader, and for showing incredible conviction and integrity, he was fired, but the people are supporting his position and are helping him get through this tough time. In this video, he speaks with passion and conviction. His message is guided to other law enforcement officials. If you are in law enforcement, you may want to watch this. Officer Anderson knows how all of this will eventually play out.

Greg Anderson was fired from his position as Police Officer for standing for whats right. It’s not over but him and his family need all the help right now. WE WILL TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN. Donate to his go fund me: HERE.

Recognize Your Enemy

You have the most difficult duty on the entire planet. Anyone who has made the choice to wear a uniform for service, knows their purpose was to serve and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Many that I talk to, (and I like to talk to our bravest lion warriors) have told me that if it came to following orders or doing what’s right, they have the integrity to do what they believe is the right thing.

Soldiers with the 198th Military Police Battalion being sworn in. U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Scott Raymond.

That brings comfort. Because I know violence against one another is a sign of horrific things that will follow. It is written in history, there isn’t a need to repeat it. But, it is a requirement for us to learn from it. Otherwise, we will repeat it…over and over until we get it. We were civilized enough to put together a document of sheer brilliance, that brought with it, freedom and civil liberties for all. Somewhere in time, someone in law enforcement dropped the ball. Because, criminals disguised as policy makers broke in illegally and began to change the laws to their liking…and no one said a word!

Now we are seeing the blow-back from that criminal activity. The criminals are at the top handing down orders which defy the rule of law you have taken an oath to protect. Ask yourself: “Am I doing what’s RIGHT?”

Here is Officer Greg Anderson after he was relieved of his duty for showing incredible integrity. Please help support this true warrior and modern day patriot. Follow this link to donate to his Fund Me so he can feed his family.

Here we are in 2020. Let us observe a few things.

  • If a citizen offers you money in favor of avoiding a traffic fine, he is arrested for bribery of a law enforcement officer. This is fair and just. On the other hand, corporations can influence policy makers to write the law to suit them, by offering money through a process called “lobbying.” These criminals even create words to legitimize their crimes.
  • Comedian and human rights activist, George Carlin used his talent to spread this very message.
  • Truth is being taken down from public platforms as a way of obstructing justice. As high level criminals are laying the infrastructure of what is to come, electrical engineers, doctors, scientists, and other specialist are questioning the motives of such bizarre actions and public statements.
  • Listen to doctors explain how sheltering in place, constant hand washing, sanitizing, and social distancing actually weakens the immune system in the human body.

Our president needs our help, and time is now for us to unite. Do the right thing and God will have your back, and so will the people. In this moment, your most valuable tool is integrity. Violence only results in pain for both parties involved. You are the gate keeper between a peaceful solution and a second civil war or full scale tyranny. Because we are under the rules of tyranny right now. When there are talks of forcing you to take any foreign substance into your body against your will…what kind of freedom is that? Also, how much further will it go from there? Our president and the rest of the free world needs you now more than ever! God is watching, but more importantly, so are the people. Choose wisely, and may the force be with you.

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