The purpose of the Church is NOT   to tell people 

what to think, but rather to help them   how to think.

In order to fully understand why we are doing this; a few things are needed to set the stage. The impact from our efforts will be felt across the world. Once this message is received, other like-minded thinkers will join the Church and do their part in carrying the message. Great ideas have a way of gaining momentum quickly. Just like the element of fire. Once it starts to burn, the fire will eventually grow legs and spread. The first thing we need to do is define the root of our problem. As long as the root remains intact, it will always bear the same fruit.

A lemon tree will only produce lemons.

A Simple Solution to the Root of ALL the World’s Problems

To fix any problem you must trace the issues to their roots. The issues are only the symptoms. The problem will remain long after the symptoms are treated. The same problems will continue to build and compound over and over. Until the root is discovered and properly identified, any lasting solution will never be found. This isn’t opinion, this is FACT. The root of all of the world’s problems are defined right here:

the·ol·o·gy /THēˈäləjē/ (noun) the study of the nature of God, Man and where man fits. Theology is also where religious beliefs are formed. 

i·de·ol·o·gy / īdēˈäləjē,ˌidēˈäləjē/(noun) a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.

Theology will always have influence and impact on ideology. As much as there should be a defined line between the two, there isn’t one. Our current theologies in practice are fear-based , and so are our Ideologies. A fear-based system is vulnerable to manipulation , and then add the next ingredient – both are widely accepted completely on blind faith . This leaves the door wide open for the criminal element to step in and take the controls of everything.

Today, we see that criminal element working in everything from the food and water to the governments all around the world.  The people on the planet are suffering at the hands of criminal policy makers, and the theologies in practice to this day are the same as the ones that resulted in the same level of suffering thousands of years ago. It hasn’t ever stopped. When will enough be enough for the people of the world? With all of the knowledge and technology available, as a civilized society, isn’t it time we looked for something completely different?

Criminals are Writing These Laws…

What kind of freedom do you have when government can force you to take unknown chemicals into your body against your will? These agencies are infested with corruption and have proven to be working completely in the opposite of the common good (by their own success record). So, why do we support this?

 Deeper observation into leaked evidence suggests malice and foul play. This bill H.R.6666 allows state officials to enter your home to test, treat, and track you if someone deems you a threat to society. What will this do to your civil liberties? Will we continue to have basic human rights after this? We are living under the rule of a criminal syndicate. We need to look at the signs. Because, right now even though many have awakened, so many others are still in a state of confusion, denial or even displaying signs of Stockholm Syndrome.


How Did We Get to This?

To fully understand how it got this bad, you have to delve into history. It is in the past where you will begin to make sense of the present moment. Also, history will explain a lot about what can happen in our future, if we don’t learn from it. Unfortunately, history has shown us that we haven’t learned much from history.

“Those who do not learn history  are doomed to repeat it.”

George Santayana-

On the right, is a chilling image of Jews rounded up from Carpathian Ruthenia arriving at Auschwitz Birkenau in May of 1944. Most of them had no idea that these were their final moments. 

Social Engineering Has Been Used for Centuries

Duck and Cover

In 1951, Ray Maurer and Anthony Rizzo produced a film for the federal government’s Civil Defense agency in response to Soviet nuclear tests. Real-life schoolchildren from New York were used in the making of the film. The film which offered no real protection, and in fact would cause more deaths as a result of misinformation, was only one of many. These tactics have been used to calm public panic. As you watch this video, ask yourself: How could anyone believe in such utter nonsense? The answer is Social Engineering. Propaganda films are only one way that social engineers get into the minds of millions to gain public support for any agenda. Even if the agenda is to extinguish the lives of many.

What is Conspiracy Theory?

Technically, every conspiracy is only theory until sufficient facts can support the story being told. So, why is this term being used so often lately? And, why are people poking questions at the official narrative being labeled as conspiracy theorists or nut-jobs? Could this in itself be a social engineering tactic? You bet. There are so many theories as to who first coined the term “Conspiracy Theory,” and that in itself is irony. But the issue here isn’t who came up with the term, but WHY. If we look at the definition of the words, we will clearly see that it has no real impact as far as being used to insult someone. Critical thinking is a virtue, and should be held in high regard. So, why would society shun those who ask the tough questions that affect the safety and security of themselves and everyone else around them?  By definition, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future. Not every crime is considered to be a conspiracy. However, major world events require a much higher level of public scrutiny than a petty crime. 

The Universal Language of Music, and Its Power

Music has always been a very powerful platform. Even music isn’t a free form of expression anymore. Musicians today aren’t chosen for stardom by the merit of their talents, but by their willingness to do whatever they are told. Many of them have made it very clear how unhappy they are by leaving hidden messages, or very clear messages in their music. Some have even left behind successful careers in protest. Those who choose to blow the whistle on the corruption, end up like Michael Jackson. Anyone who appreciates music will see the spirit of Michael in his hit song, Man in the Mirror. This song is very much related to the Law of Correspondence .

Please view this before you proceed.

This is the Official video , not a remake by a fan. 

Now ask yourself: If Michael wrote such a beautiful song about changing the world by changing yourself, where would ideas of hurting children fit into that thought? To end hatred and violence, racism and injustice involves pedophilia? In what plane of reality does this even begin to make sense? What if Michael had some kind mental illness?

If you know his story as a child star growing up with a tyrant for a father and coach, that would make more sense. Was society programmed to turn on a mentally ill artist like rabid wolves? What if, Michael loved all people, but just didn’t communicate well? What if his childhood made him feel he should be a protector of all kids? I guess we’ll never know. This is the kind of world we created using blind faith.

Understanding the power of Choice

Churches generally do good. If the theology is right, their work will have more impact. If groups can unite with a common idea, a common objective on common ground, the world will see a new light of truth. One we can all agree on, and one that will produce the results that answer prayers.

If we focus more on the issues that affect all humans, the problems will become solutions. We can end racism, bigotry, poverty, starvation, war, violent crime, and any other form of suffering at the source. But, it all starts with YOU.

Life is All About Choice

Making a decision to join or support the First Church of Common Sense is your first step towards being a part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. You see, doing nothing is also a choice, and is a large part of the problem. The choices we make, affect the collective consciousness, and will ultimately lead us all to the same place.

This video will explain the power of choice and how to use it for life mastery.

When Will We End the Human War?

We are in hell. The good news is…hell is our choice for the moment. If we want out of hell, all we need to do is choose something else. it’s that simple. We need a new theology, a plan , and commitment to the plan. Life by nature is quite simple. Money makes things difficult. If we place the money where it will do the most good, it will improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet all at once. Separatism and the use of fear through social engineering has brought the entire world well beyond the thresholds of hell.

 The choices are very simple, because the options come down to only two choices:


 1.      Continue on the path we are on now. Let the criminals in power continue to wreak havoc until they enslave all of humanity.

2.      Change the theology, that will directly have an impact on the ideology, that has resulted in this idiocracy.

It is obvious what the problems are, and where the roots begin. So, now it is time for action.

Since nothing works by magic, YOUR SUPPORT IS REQUIRED. If we expect change in a favorable direction for all humans to occur, then we all must do something to push change into that direction.

Besides…who do you know right now that will refuse to subscribe to common sense?

Join us! It will only take a minute