The First Church of Common Sense is a society of freedom loving human beings. We are not a cult . We are truth seekers.

If you haven’t watched this video, please watch it. It will explain everything, and WHY we are doing this.

We are members of your family that were always searching for something missing in our religion. We are friends you know who nearly ended our lives because there didn’t seem to be any hope left in the world. We are the millions of hard-working people who are fed up with the corruption and tyranny that plagues our world! We are the billions of awakened spirits across the entire planet who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

We are your doctors . We are your lawyers. We are  musicians, comedians, contractors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, farmers, truckers, veterans, emergency workers, YES, even  politicians! If you can think outside of the common-core, then you are one of us. This is Common Sense! The religion of Divine Law. If theology was this easy to understand and accept, ALL of the problems we are experiencing would simply  NOT exist.

The Culture of Fear

We all played a role in the world we created together as a collective consciousness.  We have become a fear-based society. We embrace fear like it has something of value to offer, other than poor health and a shortened lifespan! Fear is the root cause of the greed in the human condition. Fear is also the epicenter of the divide among people. 

When a society is kept in a constant state of terror, eventually, people begin to feel numb to it and just go about their business. Until the next spike, when a massive event takes place. Humans have not evolved much because of this manipulation of the collective consciousness.

The blood of senseless murder is on everyone’s hands who support a system of tyranny. Whether you are doing it consciously or unconsciously. You are a part of either the problem or the solution. By universal law, you cannot be neither . We all play a role in the human condition. Every single thought and action we make has an effect .

We behave like machines by design! The only way to reverse the effects is to reverse engineer ourselves to think within these  14 simple laws of nature. They are so simple that even a child  can understand them.

The Nature of Oneness

The first natural law, or  Universal Law, is the  Law of Divine Oneness. This law explains how the universe and everything in it is all part of one. Every spirit, or soul is included in this concept of EVERYTHING. Current theologies teach that God, Man, and Spirit are separate. This concept of separation defies the universal law of Divine Oneness. It also removes any safeguards that will secure humanity against manipulation.  

Every time you drop your keys, they will land on the floor…Every single time! The Laws of nature don’t require manual enforcement, and cannot be negotiated or manipulated. In fact, ONLY such a law would live up to the standards of a God that created the universe…Right?

Common Truths

A popular belief we can all agree on is that none of us were alive back in the biblical times to experience any of it. Also, even though the Bible may have been inspired  by God, it was physically hand written by men. Most will also agree, that Jesus Christ did walk the earth in a skin suit like ours, but was killed for talking too much. His voice of love, hope, and guidance was silenced.

Everything after that is not really important, because when we look into any existing religion, we will find similarities. These are the spiritual principals that come from these  14 divine laws.

Jesus Christ was a master of life in this existence. His working knowledge made him a powerful force wielder. He was known to perform miracles. Miracles that he said we all could do. Christ never wanted to be worshiped, but today, we worship Christ, but follow the teachings of the Church…even when the scripture defies divine law.

Maybe Jesus Christ was silenced for teaching these 14 divine laws? If the wisdom within them would unlock a universal freedom for everyone, then it would make sense. If we look into history, the  love of power has always been a cancer in the human condition.

There is a God!

We do believe in God (or source energy) whichever word is more comfortable for you to use. To this Church, God is that  higher power of your own understanding, but you are also a part of that higher power. In scripture, it is written:

“So, God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Genesis 1:27 New International Version (NIV)

Our understanding is, that image is the image of a grand creator. Humans have a spirit, that is connected to divine wisdom. Humans have a super processor called the mind (brain is flesh and part of the physical body). We often confuse the two as being the same, and they are not. Body is only a vehicle, the mind is also a tool to be used in this relative environment. Natural laws or  Universal Laws will all support this. So will quantum physics, and simple science. Divine law is divine because it is irrefutable. Everything we know from science to be factual is in accordance with divine law.

As a society, the problems we face in communication and misunderstanding, is a direct result of our lack of taking personal responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We are so firmly planted in our own beliefs that we fail to see our own part in the creation of the problems. We create our own problems.

The First Church of Common Sense is the connection between those who are lost and those who have found their way back home.

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