This unique cross is our trademark, and one with a beautiful history. Music has always been a universal language. People from all over the world gravitate towards American rock music. The heavier the music, the better people respond to it. It seems like other theologies see the power in music with its universal fit, and the value to spread the word of God through that power. Music can be used to raise and drop vibration energy in all forms of life. And with its ability to universally fit anywhere, makes music a very powerful tool.  The Unity Cross is rooted in the concept of Oneness in music.


Concentrated Human Energy

Anyone who has attended a rock concert, has certainly felt the immense energy from a large crowd. That concentrated energy is absorbed by the band, and then transferred back to the crowd as even more intense power. And that keeps building all through the show. Most rock concerts last for several hours, and use multiple bands to prepare the crowd for the headlining act. By the time the headliner takes the main stage in its full glory, the crowd is amped up to go again! This transfer of energy is something music fans can certainly relate to. Because, you guessed it… it is also science.

We Live in a Sea of Energy

According to Nikola Tesla, American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicist, the universe is a sea of energy. Humans are energy converters. We take in physical energy in the form of food and water and nonphysical energy (like mental, emotional, and environmental energy) and convert all of it into life-force energy. We develop in proportion to how much we accept and how freely we allow it to flow through us. We are alive and constantly being maintained, created, and re-created by spirit energy that runs in the background. Learn more about the  Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and Nikola Tesla  from here.

History of the Unity Cross

Rock bands have been placing their common sense messages in their music for quite some time now. The Beatles’ John Lennon wrote a beautiful song called “Imagine.” Many people believe he wrote that song for mankind to consider world peace. Other’s like Black Sabbath are known for their much darker approach, with songs like “War Pigs” and “Children of the Grave.”

Well, two of our founders also followed in those footsteps. You may not have heard them, maybe you have? The name of that band was AARSON. The band concept was noted as “brilliant” by music industry executives from New York to Los Angeles, and even Gene Simmons of the legendary band, KISS, took notice of the band’s marketability and logo by saying “Integrity is what gives a brand its value.”

This is the power of music. It has the ability to take down blind hatred. Simmons is Jewish, Sadree is Iranian. Do these two fellow musicians look like they hate each other? Simmons and Sadree both share a very common interest, and that is the love they have for music.

This picture is what gives the Unity Cross  its integrity.

“In a band situation, every position plays a vital role. The idea is to work through your own potential issues without disturbing the flow of the music. This means that your band mates must do the same and everyone needs to come together during moments of weakness to preserve the integrity of the music. Because in that situation, the music becomes every member’s top priority above all else. This can only be done through the power of unity.”

Shahryar Sadree

The Unity Cross in the Church

We feel it’s appropriate to use this as our symbol. The meaning of this unique symbol fits the church. Power in numbers is common sense and fits the Law of Divine Oneness verbatim. Every theology has used symbolism because even symbols carry a power that is noteworthy. Once people see it, it tells the story without words. Because words have a tendency to hide the truth.

Unity Cross